USBCELL rechargeable AA batteries recharge using USB

Sorry for the silly title, but there is no easier way to describe this product. USBCELL batteries are regular AA batteries, with a removable cap and USB jack. We mentioned these neat batteries back in 2007, and I recently took a set for a real test.

The batteries are nickel metal hydride, like most rechargeable batteries, but their capacity is a relatively weak 1300mAH. Most rechargeable batteries I have here are 2000mAh or higher. Still, if you have a low power gadget that you really don’t want to be without, switching to USBCELL batteries could be a convenient way of saving yourself if you forget your battery charger or can’t find a 24 hour drugstore in the area.

To charge, you simply pop the cap off and plug them into any USB power source. This can be your computer, game console or a powered USB hub or anything else with a USB port. The cap is attached with a small elastic strap, so you are not at risk of losing it. An LED indicator on the battery lets you know when it is charging, and when the charging cycle is complete.

USBCELL batteries retail for $17.99 per pair, including shipping (from the UK). They are also available at REI, Brookstone, Batteries+, and I find it hard to complain about the price, because the batteries are so well designed, and I’m sure there are people out there who can benefit from batteries that can be charged using USB.

To learn more about these batteries, or to order some for yourself, head on over to


USBCell Lets You Charge Your Phone With Your Laptop

USBCellIf you travel with a small arsenal of battery chargers, you’ll thrill at this news: soon, they’ll be a thing of the past. With USBCell’s phone and device batteries, you can recharge phones, games, and Blackberries directly from a USB. Sure, you have to travel with a laptop for this gizmo to work, but that’s not so far-fetched these days. Of course, the batteries also work from a regular old desktop, so you can carry your USBCells to the office and charge from there.

Not to be confused with USBCell’s AA batteries that charge via USB, these batteries are strictly for phones, games, and Blackberries. Though they’re not on the market yet, USBCell will alert you when they’re available.

[Via TravelGearBlog]