Cruise deal for US military folks: It’s free

To thank the US military personnel who are currently serving in the military in Iraq or Afghanistan–or have served in these two countries this past year, Discovery Cruise lines is offering a free one-day cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Bahama. This is a repeat offer from last year.

Recognizing that people who are currently serving can’t very well leave their posts at this moment–or even next month–or however long from now, the cruise line’s offer is good through December 2010.

There isn’t a hitch at all, and the cruise, although just for a day, is one sweet deal.

It departs at 7:45 AM and returns back to the dock at 10 PM. While on board, passengers get treated to a gourmet 7-course meal and all-you-can-eat buffets. Passengers also are treated to all the activities of a longer cruise whether they want to head to a casino, hang out by the pool, play organized games or attend a show.

Also, because a sweet deal isn’t really a sweet deal if there are hidden costs like: taxes, service charges and departure fees, those costs don’t exist either. That means this cruise is totally, totally free. (Okay, if you gamble, you’re on your own I would imagine.)

The service member does not have to register him or herself either. A friend or family member can register that person. This means, if you have a military guy or gal in your life who fits the profile, you’ll be able to give a gift that makes a person say, “Wow!”

Once a person is registered for the cruise, on the day of departure, he or she needs to show up at the dock with the receipt, military ID and an official letter from his or her unit confirming dates of service. Reserved reservations are required.

Personally, I think a one-day cruise is a perfect off because it ups the chance that someone can actually take the deal. For military families who want to head to Florida, there’s plenty to do around Ft. Lauderdale while your loved one is having the chance to unwind and connect with people who have had similar experiences.

To find out more info or make reservations, call 1-800-93-SHIPS or visit Discovery’s web site at

Have fun, and thanks.