Pack a dry erase board and markers – Cruise Tip

Packing a dry erase board and markers and attaching to your cabin door accomplishes two things:
1.) it makes your cabin door stick out among the long hallway of cookie-cutter doors, and
2.) it’s an easy way for your family to communicate their whereabouts.

Before going on your vacation, attach heavy-duty magnets to the back of the board with a glue gun. Because cabin doors on cruise ships are metal, the board stays put. Instruct your family members to write where they’ll be on the ship (“Headed to the pool!” -Nicole) when they leave the room.

Enjoy “island time” – Dining out tip

When vacationing in the Caribbean, remember that everything — including service in restaurants — runs on “island time.”

Life on The Islands runs at a more relaxed, laid-back pace than most Americans are accustomed to. Plan accordingly — dining at a restaurant in the Caribbean can take 20 to 40 more minutes (or more!) than you’re used to back in the United States. To deal with this, either budget more cushion into your meal times … or don’t plan anything, and just go with the flow.

Remember — your server isn’t being lazy or ignoring you — a slower pace is simply the way of life in the Caribbean. Enjoy it, Mon. You’re on vacation!

Warm your sheets – Hotel tip

You’ve turned up the thermostat and called hotel management but your room still won’t get warm. A chilly hotel room can make for an unpleasant night’s sleep but there’s a simple — albeit goofy — solution to this frustrating problem: Find the iron, and warm the sheets.

Right before crawling into bed, pull back the comforter and iron the sheets. Set the iron on its lowest setting to avoid potential scorching.

The sheets and mattress pad will lock in the iron’s heat for several hours, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep in a cold hotel room!

Buy a postcard – Souvenir tip

Ensure you have at least one great photograph by buying a postcard.

Sure, you brought along your digital camera and snapped some awesome shots, but remember — images can accidentally be deleted and memory cards can be lost or corrupted.

To make a postcard an even better keepsake, write a little note about what you’ve done on vacation so far and mail the postcard home. Your postcard will be waiting for you when you return, complete with a special postmark/cancellation stamp from your vacation spot — perfect for tucking away in a scrapbook!

Bring your own drinks – Cruise trip tip

Soda isn’t usually included with your all-inclusive cruise ship fare. Instead of buying a pricey soda card, bring along your own drinks!

Before boarding the cruise ship, stop at a grocery store and purchase a few cases of your favorite pop or bottled water.

You don’t even need to sneak it on or hide it in your luggage — almost all cruise lines allow you to bring a reasonable amount of non-alcoholic beverages on board the ship.