Daily gear deals – $3 travel pillow kit, $15 headphones and more

Here are the hottest gadget deals for today, Monday June 8th 2009. Remember, these deals are often only valid for one day, so act fast before they are gone!

A new day, a new Netbook sale. Today the machine is an Asus Eee 900A. This Netbook has an 8.9″ screen, 1GB of memory and a 4GB solid state drive. It is on sale at Woot for $170. Just keep in mind that 4GB is on the low side, so you may need to invest in some additional storage. Click here for this deal.

Noise isolating earbuds don’t get much cheaper than these Tritton Xtreme headphones, on sale for $14.99 (with free shipping). They come with a long and short cord, making them perfect if you carry your player in your shirt pocket. Click here for this deal.

This Creative Vado HD camera keeps popping up in our deals, but that is only because its price keeps dropping. It is now down to $154, with no rebate involved. Shipping is even included for free. As a quick reminder – this pocket 8GB HD video camera records in “real” HD and features a built in USB connector. Click here for this deal.

To round off the deals lineup for today, how about a $3 travel set? The kit includes an inflatable travel pillow, eye shades and ear plugs. Ships for just $2.99 (read their page on how to add a coupon code to lower the price). Click here for this deal.

Gadling gear deals – $8 voice recorder, $129 HD camera and more

Here are the hottest travel gadgets for today, Tuesday May 26th 2009. Remember, these deals are often one-day deals, so act fast before they are gone!

Creative Vado HD Camcorder, $179.99 – $50 Amazon credit after 35 days, final price: $129.99 with free shipping. (Gadling product review is here).

Huge collection of coupons and discount codes – discounts at many major retail outlets, up to $450 off!

RCA RPA5022 digital memo recorder with USB interface – $7.99 with FREE shipping (one deal a day site Thingfling)

iPod/MP3 player cassette adapter for just $0.79
with free shipping (first 800 orders only), after that $3.99.

Neatreceipts 4.0 travel scanner + document management and expense reporting, refurbished version for $69.99 + free shipping from Buy.com.

MP3 player sale and the grand opening of the new Dell Boutique

10 gadgets to make summer travel more enjoyable – The Gadling Gear Review

Now summer is finally on its way, you are probably looking closely at the travel deals out there, waiting to pick an affordable destination (hint: check out our hot travel deals!).

Before you spend all your hard earned cash on your plane tickets, why not invest in some gadgetry to make your trip more enjoyable? Here are 10 gadgets that can help you carry more, get online (in the air), capture your fun, keep your photos safe and help power all that stuff.

Tom Bihn Tri-Star bag

Wouldn’t travel be easier if you could pack everything you need for a short trip, in one bag? Would life become perfect if that bag could be a shoulder bag, backpack and duffel bag? Then check out the new Tri-Star from Tom Bihn bags.

This 3-in-1 bag makes smart use of its space, and has room for clothes, a laptop and any other small items you want to carry along with you.

Price: $240
Where: Tombihn.com (ships late June)

EyeFi Video card

EyeFi was featured in our top 25 best travel products of 2008.

The EyeFi card is an SD memory card with a twist – built inside this tiny card is a WiFi adapter, and any time your camera is in range of a wireless access point, it sends its photos to a variety of sources. The card supports uploads to your home PC, but also to most online photo hosting sites.

For 2009, EyeFi took their excellent product, upped the storage space to 4GB, and added support for video files.

Now your camera can upload photos, as well as videos. Imaging making a funny video, and arriving home with all that content already published on Youtube!

Price: $79.95 (EyeFi 4GB Explore Video) or $99.95 (Share Video)
Where: eye.fi store

Verizon MiFi

The new Verizon MiFi promises to make mobile broadband easier than ever. In the past, getting online with mobile broadband involved using a USB adapter or modem card.

The MyFi combines a wireless hotspot and mobile broadband adapter in one small battery powered device. When turned on, you can get online using your WiFi enabled laptop, netbook or PDA, without having to deal with complicated software.

Price: $99.95 (after a $50 mail in rebate, and with a 2 year contract, $59.95/month for service)
Where: verizonwireless.com

Pocket HD Camcorder

Still carrying a bulky tape camcorder? Dump it and invest in a new digital HD camcorder like the Creative VadoHD or the Flip UltraHD. At just over $200, these cameras make surprisingly high quality clips, and they are small enough to fit in your pocket. With no moving parts, battery life is often enough for a days worth of clips.

Once you get home, you simply pop out the built in USB plug, and copy all the clips onto your computer, ready to upload to your favorite video sharing site.

Price: from $199
Where: Flip by Pure Digital, Creative Vado HD, Kodak ZX1, ZI6

Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800

The Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800 is, despite the long name, remarkably simple. This small Lithium-Ion battery pack can charge almost any portable device. The unit comes with a variety of charging tips for mobile phones, PDA’s and smartphones.

With a whopping 4000mAh capacity, this battery pack carries enough portable juice to recharge most gadgets at least twice. When connected to an iPod or Zune, you’ll get over 100 hours extra music playback time!

Price: $44.95
Where: Tekkeon reseller page

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Daily deal – Creative Vado pocket digital camcorder

My daily deal for today is for the Creative Vado pocket digital camcorder.

This small digital video camera records up to 2 hours of content and features a 2x digital zoom, an internal rechargeable battery and a built in USB connector.

Recordings can instantly be sent to Youtube or other video sharing sites, or stored/edited on your PC.

Cameras like this have become increasingly popular thanks to their low cost and durability. I’ve used several of them myself, and often prefer them over a regular digital camera because they are much easier to carry around.

Of course, the video quality is not comparable to a high-end digital video camera, but the content is perfectly acceptable for shots of your vacation or other event.

The Creative Labs Vado normally retails for $99.99, but if you don’t mind the silver version, you can pick one up for just $59.99 with free shipping. The pink Vado version is $5 more. If your wallet has a little extra cash to spare, check out the HD version of this camera.

Daily deal – Creative Vado HD pocket HD camcorder for $130

Several weeks ago I reviewed the Creative Vado HD camcorder, and was very impressed with its video quality and included accessories.

This $229 camera is well worth its price, but if you are looking for a way to snag one at a (much) lower price – read on!

Amazon is offering the Vado HD for $229.99 with an instant $100 discount when you use promotional code I4PQ9E3S.

Here is how to get the deal – add the Vado HD to your cart (make sure Amazon is the seller, and not a third party). Then at the final stage in the checkout process, add the promotion code in the box on the right.

It’ll take $100 off, and you can get this awesome HD camera shipped for just $129.99.

(Via: Fatwallet)