Young Tourists Killed In Vietnam In A Tragic Mystery

Last week, two young teachers were killed while on a weeklong trip to Nha Trang, Vietnam, in a tragic mystery.

According to, Canadian-born Cathy Huynh, 26, and American Karin Joy Bowerman, 27, fell ill only days apart from each other. Last Monday, Ms. Bowerman was taken to Khanh Province General Hospital for respiratory failure and a zero blood pressure. Only two days later, Ms. Huynh was taken to the same hospital for shock before going into cardiac arrest and passing away.

Authorities believe the friends, who were sharing a room at the Son and Daughter guesthouse, may have been poisoned. However, police are also speculating it may have been the result of drinking too much alcohol, a theory the women’s families are rejecting.

It is not yet known if autopsies have been completed.

The case resembles an incident in Thailand last year, where four tourists and a Thai guide died in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai region over the span of five weeks. Investigators deemed the deaths a coincidence.

[Image via Arian Zwegers]