Word for the Travel Wise (04/12/06)

Instead of using only the flag to
help point out which country I’ll be looking to pull a word from today I decided to use a picture from the area to help
refresh our memory on a past word explored and a new word today. This picture found at the Hanoi Language and Culture Tour site shows a florist with very pretty
flowers atop of a bicycle on a busy Hanoi street.

Today’s word is a Vietnamese word used in Vietnam:

xinh xinh – pretty,

Can’t say for sure how
today’s word is pronounced, but I’m sure you can find out by either complimenting the flowers or the pretty woman in
the conical hat selling them. Hopefully she’ll understand you’re trying to compliment her in the native tongue and
won’t slap you across the face. Better yet, let’s not take it that far yet. Just tell her how pretty the flowers look
on top of the bike. If you recall bike is xe dap (sur-raap).

This Wanna Learn / Geocities page has some free words and phrases
listed. It was one of few I could find online for free though you won’t get far. Rosetta Stone offers audio and web courses for a
fee and there’s always the opportunity to take a Vietnamese language class in Hanoi,
Vietnam with CIEE. For those flying through the country for just a few short days pick up the phrasebook.

Past Vietnamese words: Xe