One Man, One Motorcycle and 1000 Stories

Here’s a cool travel vlog to check out when you’ve got some spare daydreaming moments: 1000Stories is currently being updated daily with video dispatches from Florian Thalhofer, a German filmmaker and artist who is riding cross-country on a shiny motorcycle, courtesy of his pals at BMW. Thalhofer has embarked on a “social experiment” in which he seeks to learn firsthand about the United States. In his own words:

American culture can be found everywhere in the world. But the U.S. is still a mystery to me, always a little incomprehensible. That feeling of having grown up with American culture but never really understanding what America is all about has become stronger after September 11.

So Thalhofer decided to head off the beaten path on his bike, visiting small towns and talking to people about their lives and life in these United States. His route will be determined by Americans who want to meet with him, so sign up if you’d like a chance to chat with Florian. He’s in Iowa now, and headed west. He’ll be on the road through November 15.