Freeze your backside off at the new Minus 5 Vodka lounge in Vegas

It’s no secret that Vegas is hurting at the moment, prices of most hotels in Sin City are way down, as are visitor numbers.

Thankfully that does not mean enterprising people have stopped bringing new entertainment to the city that never sleeps.

The newest attraction in the desert is the Minus 5 Ice Lounge – a sub zero Vodka lounge located in the Mandalay place resort at Mandalay Bay.

Minus 5 started in New Zealand back in 2003 and has since expanded into Australia and Portugal. The Las Vegas location opened on September 25th.

For $30, patrons get warm clothing, one drink and a 30 minute visit to the icy cold lounge. You can buy more drinks, but Minus 5 limits its guests to no more than 3 per visit. Of course, after hanging out in a -5C/27F lounge, I’d say 30 minutes may be more than enough!

Inside the lounge everything is made of ice, and Minus 5 make it very clear that this means everything. This even includes the glass you are drinking from, which is made from artesian New Zealand water. Minus 5 even reassures you that the lack of moisture in the lounge won’t make the glass stick to your lips, though I don’t recommend licking the bar itself.

Of course, now Las Vegas is a family destination, the drinks lineup even includes some kid friendly non-alcoholic beverages. Before you leave, you can have your photo taken as a souvenir, and then leave the lounge through a gift shop (sounds a lot like Disneyland!).