Photo of the day: VW road trip

Who doesn’t want to roll around England‘s countryside in a VW van, stopping to read and set up camp between lush rolling hills? Sometimes the idea of living by way of van, by way of the road, seems too far-fetched to travel-loving dreamers out there. I’m here to tell you… it is not far-fetched! Buy a van! Move into it! Drive! Explore! Use exclamation marks as often as possible; it will show people precisely how happy you are to be traveling this way!

This shot was taken by photographer/Flickr user, Samuel Bradley in Cumbria, England. I love it because it does seem to embody the spirit of traveling via road tripping. I’ve spent much of my time on the road and I suppose one of the reasons this photo excited me is because I’m about to start living on the road again starting at the end of October. I can’t wait to re-embrace the living-in-the-van lifestyle. It’s not for everyone, granted, but it is positively for me.

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Go camping in style with this retro VW camper van tent

Planning a 1960’s style camping holiday, but not in possession of an authentic VW camper van? Firebox, the UK retailer of weird products has just what you need – a VW camper tent.

The tent is a licensed 1:1 replica of the van, with enough room for 4 adults to sleep in comfort. Unlike most other tents, this one is even tall enough to stand inside. The package includes the tent itself along with all the required ropes, pegs and accessories.

It is available in yellow, red and blue, but won’t actually ship till August. Shipping is free, but you’ll need to hand over just under $500 to get your hands on one.