Photo of the Day (11/13/08)

This really is a shot of a lifetime. Max, a.k.a. fiznatty, took this picture of a mountain lion in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

I’ll let him explain the once in a lifetime picture:

When I traveled to Utah for a couple days in hopes of seeing a wild mountain lion, I wasn’t optimistic. My first morning in the tree stand was on par with my expectations, as only a few birds fluttered about.

We returned in the afternoon and I had been sitting in the stand for an hour-and-a-half when the sun dipped behind the mountains. I looked down and to my right, and noticed my guide in his ground blind, standing and taking pictures. I looked around to see what it was he was shooting, but there was nothing. I found out later that he was bored and was taking pictures of me.

So I sighed, settled back in my seat and looked over to my left toward the spring… and there it was, having just emerged from the woods.

I can only imagine how you felt, Max. What an amazing capture.

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