Review: WaterGeeks filtering stainless steel water bottle

The WaterGeeks filtering stainless water bottle is a water bottle with a twist – besides being a non-leaching BPA free container, the bottle features a built in water filter capable of removing water contaminants, chlorine, bad odors, lead and heavy metals.

The bottle itself comes in two sizes – 12oz or 24oz and you can chose from stainless or one of eight different colors. You can even pick from eight different cap colors, which means you’ll be able to design the bottle exactly as you want it. Depending on the quality of the water you’ll be drinking, you can chose from a basic tap water filter, or a more advanced version capable of filtering out bacteria, cysts, cryptosporidium and other nastiness.

The filter cartridge fits onto the bottle cap and is sufficient for 800 12oz servings. Replacement filters cost $10.99 and come with a new cap, ensuring you always get the best possible quality water.

If you really want to get safe drinkable water from questionable sources, you can of course combine the filtration power of the WaterGeeks bottle, with the disinfecting power of a SteriPEN water purifier.

The WaterGeeks bottle weighs just 6.9 ounces (195 grams), making it ideal of packing and carrying on a trip. The cap cover is attached to the neck of the bottle and features a pop-up valve and air valve to reduce vacuum inside the bottle.

Without access to a water lab, it is hard to tell whether the filter actually works – but there is no denying that active charcoal as used in the tap filter is a proven technology – and water filtered through the bottle really does taste better.

One added bonus of the WaterGeeks filter technology is that their cap and filter will fit any bottle with a 1.75″ thread design – including those from competitors.

You’ll find the entire lineup of WaterGeeks bottles at, along with their many other produces. Their bottles are also on sale through several other online retailers.