The Wavebox

Well, it looks like glamping may be inching to the mainstream. Just check out the the WaveBox, a rugged, portable lunchbox that’s also a microwave. Running on 3 power options — AC, DC direct clip to a car battery, or DC connection to a cigarette lighter — the Wavebox allows glampers to heat up their popcorn, French toast, Hot Pockets, or whatever, without the hassle of that old messy, annoying thing, the campfire.

Featuring 3 quick-cook preset buttons for one-touch heating and electronic controls with LED display, the $199 Wavebox even boasts an integrated CoolWave soft-side cooler, which fits inside the WaveBox to keep food and beverages cool during transport. If all of this is just blowing your mind, check out WaveBOXMan’s geeky but thorough product vide-overview.

Love it? So does everyone else. The Wavebox is on backorder until May 1. Contact the makers to get on the waiting list.

[Via Get Outdoors]