100 controversial whole body imaging photos revealed

Gadget blog Gizmodo.com has obtained access to 100 images captured by a whole body imaging machine that was installed at a Florida courthouse. We covered the incident back in August, but a Freedom of Information Act request has finally produced the actual photos.

When these machines were installed, we were all told that none of them would actually store photos. As images started leaking out, it became obvious that these claims were of course false. In the video clip created by Gizmodo, you see people occupying the scanner, along with his or her body scan.

There is some good news – as the images clearly show that they don’t reveal all that much. People hoping to see clear images of genitalia will be quite disappointed.

Still, it is quite alarming that the images were stored in the first place – though we do need to point out that this particular scanner was not operated by the TSA – it is a millimeter wave scanner, operated by the U.S. Marshals service. Even though the technology and operation is slightly different from the airport machines, the resulting images are very similar.

Of course it also means that despite all the reassurances, the machines are capable of storing photos, and I am confident that it is just a matter of time till an airport is involved in a similar privacy incident.

What do you think? Do these photos make you more or less afraid to use the whole body scanning machines?


[Image from Gizmodo.com]


xkcd solves the problem of anxiety at the airport whole body imager line

Not much more I can add to this comic – if you are worried about what you’ll be showing the operator at the airport whole body imager, xkcd has the solution. I’m not sure it’ll be worth $20, but it sure would make for a more entertaining security line.

Of course, you could always save some money and go with the Flying Pasties (do not click if you can’t stand the image of a grown man in pink ladies underwear.)

Source: xkcd.com