Crashing parties to get free food and drink is on the rise

If you saw Wedding Crashers, you are familiar with the story idea of people pretending to be connected to the bride or groom in some manner in order to have access to the single women attendees.

The possibility of a sexual tryst is not the only reason to pretend to be what you’re not.

According to this article at am New York, there are some people in New York City who pose as reporters in order to get into “swanky” events. The desire for free food and drinks is presented as one of the motivations. Another is to have up close and personal access to important people.

Lately, according to the article, the number of folks sporting fake ID or phony media-style business cards to gain access to party bliss, has dramatically increased. Another result of the economic doldrums, perhaps? Maybe it’s the stockbrokers who are off the A-list looking to regain the glory days?

It doesn’t sound as if those who try this tactic have a heck of a lot of success, although, they must have some because they keep trying.

A psychology professor who was asked to come up with reasons why people might attempt such antics said that it might be because people who try to get into fancy events who don’t belong may have a low sense of self worth and want to feel better about themselves.

Harumph! I’m thinking it’s because it’s a game to play. That, and the free food and libations.

Who hasn’t eyed that pastry tray laden with goodies or enormous piles of cubed cheese with toothpicks for dainty eating, the cornerstone of convention center events. There they are just inside the door of the room that is connected to the hallway through which you’re passing. So yummy looking. . . So free.

I’m not saying I’d grab one, not even an almond croissant, but isn’t temptation one of those fleeting thoughts?