Love dogs? Check out Bau Haus dog cafe in Seoul, South Korea

When I say Bau Haus is a dog cafe, I don’t mean that there are cute dog photos on the walls or that it’s a meeting place for dog owners (although both of these are part of it) . The eatery is, literally, a cafe for dogs and dog-lovers to eat and hangout at. It is located in Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea, and canines roam around the eatery as visitors feed and play with them. You can purchase dog treats and pet presents, and there are small toys like frisbees lying around to use. Most of the pooches belong to the cafe’s owner and are very well behaved, although anyone is allowed to bring their dog to Bau Haus. And don’t worry about the animals making a mess as the employees at Bau Haus tend to the pooches, caring for them and cleaning up after them.

Drink vodka on the ice in the ice at a new Orlando bar

We’ve written about hotels made of ice–this one in Quebec, another in Sweden, and one in Finland. We’ve also written about ice bars. There is one in Montreal, for example. At least there was in 2006 when former Gadling blogger Neil wrote that particular post.

As of October 1, there’s another place to get cold for a cold one. Icebar Orlando opened as one more option for adults looking for an adventure. In this AP article, Mark Wangrin provides an overview about what patrons can expect.

To help ward against the cold, visitors are provided with an insulated cape and gloves. Also, don’t expect to linger. The 27-degree temperature means that one or two drinks, and you’re out of there. There’s a 45-minute time limit on visits.

With the $35 cover charge that includes the cost of a drink, a trip to Icebar Orlando is not one of the cheaper things to do in the Sunshine State. Double the cost of admission and you’re in Disney World for a day. The Icebar is quieter though.

If you want to spend some more time here, you can hang out in the Chill Lounge where temperatures are regular and there isn’t an extra charge.