Funny signs in “Signspotting III: Lost and Loster in Translation”

Here on Gadling, we are suckers for weird signs. Especially when you travel, you come across signs that are just too damn funny. Writer Doug Lansky apparently feels the same way, because he just released the third episode of his “Signspotting” line of books.

We got a sneek peek at some of the signs included in “Lost and Loster in Translation”, and they really are absolutely hilarious. Though I do have to admit I’m a tad jealous that I didn’t think of collecting funny signs and writing my own book. I’m guessing that is the price I pay for being so lazy.

You’ll find Signspotting III: Lost and Loster in Translation on the book shelves of Amazon for just $7.99. Order quickly, because this would make a great stocking stuffer (hint, hint!).

Weird sign of the day – what does this mean?

Today’s weird sign is displayed after the jump (click read more to see it). It may be slightly “NSFW” (not suitable for work), but if you are at home, or simply don’t care, then feel free to take a look and post in the comments what you think this sign is trying to tell people not to do.

Yes, I know it is obvious what the sign displays, but I’m more curious why it is telling people that it isn’t a good thing to do this.

Perhaps it is just a weird and perverted way of telling people not to “honk” their car horn?

Weird sign of the day – what does this mean?

I’m not entirely sure what the worst part is of this collection of signs – that they had to show their ban on pooping in the parking lot so visually, or that the fine (Bußgeld) for messing up things is a whopping EUR1533.88 ($2100).

If you are wondering how they got such a weird number for the fine, they simply converted it from DEM3000 (Deutschmarks) to Euros during the conversion. That is much more democratic than simply rounding it down to EUR1500.

I’m guessing the funniest thing is the combination of all of the above, along with such insanely long words as “Ordnungswidrigkeitsverfahren”. Try saying that a couple of times.

Weird sign of the day – what does this mean?

It’s already the end of the week, so time for some more “fun with signs”. I’m pretty sure I know what this sign means, but I’m also confident I know what it could mean.

Feel free to let your imagination go wild and post in the comments what you think this ski resort is asking its guests not to do.