Locals in lead for Best Job in the World

If you want a great job, move to Queensland. In the ongoing “Best Job in the World” contest, two of the top five are from Queensland – with contest leader Clare Wang from Taiwan. According to international betting agency PinnacleSports.com Wang’s odds of nabbing this cushy assignment are 3.5:1. Queenslander James Hill follows at 5:1 (in the #2 spot). Hailey Turner, from Brisbane, is in fifth, with odds of 13:1.

Unsurprisingly, an American and a German are in a race to the bottom. Greg Reynen (from the United States) has odds of 44.8:1, with Mirjam Novak edging slightly ahead in this immaterial corner of the contest at 43.5:1. The odds for contestants with experience in the porn business were not revealed, but common sense would suggest they aren’t favorable.

The final 16 candidates will head to Hamilton Island next month to spend a week participating in this spectacular publicity stunt working on the island and exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

The Best Job in the World lured 34,684 applicants as part of a $1.7 million global marketing gimmick. It’s paid off already, generating AU$100 million in publicity for Queensland.

The winner will get a lazy one-year contract for AU$150,000.

Get to know the top Aussie in the contest, Hailey, after the jump.