Man demands half a million Dollars for airport checkpoint foot injury

The shoe carnival that is the “airport checkpoint” has long been one of my biggest annoyances. Apparently I’m not alone, because a Cooper City, FL man is taking the TSA to court over a foot injury he suffered after stepping on a piece of glass at the checkpoint.

In his case, he blames the TSA for failing to make sure the floor at the checkpoint was sufficiently cleaned. Apparently the injury was severe enough to send the man to hospital, and miss out on an extended period of work.

His wife is also part of the lawsuit, claiming an additional $100,000 for the loss of “service, society, consortium and companionship of her spouse”. That is probably lawyer speak for “couldn’t have sex”.

It’ll be interesting to see how the lawsuit proceeds, or whether the TSA just avoids the embarrassment of having to tell a jury why they demand people remove their shoes, without making sure the floor has been kept clean.

Half a million is a lot for a foot injury, but publicity and costs like this are apparently what it takes to get the government to make sure the traveling public is kept safe.