Bad luck for drunk Ukrainian official in Frankfurt airport

Yuri Lutsenko was trying to get to Seoul, South Korea. Unfortunately, the Ukraine’s Interior Minister was a bit too tipsy to fly. Frankfurt police did not allow Lutsenko to board. His son was stopped as well – also “severely drunk,” according to a report by Reuters.

When Lutsenko & Son got the news, they were, to say the least, disappointed. They hurled both loud words and cell phones … as if this would convince the police to change their minds.

It didn’t.

So, what does a public official do when faced with an embarrassing situation? Deny, deny, deny.

Ukraine‘s Interior Ministry does not admit to a dustup with the local police and just says that Lutsenko missed his flight to Seoul. He caught one the next day.

Things aren’t going well at home for the Interior Minister. President Viktor Yushchenko is having him investigated for being one of the leading figures in the 2004 “Orange Revolution,” which put pro-Western leaders in power.