Hawaii says “stay away” to the Wienermobile

Apple pie, Baseball and the Wienermobile – seriously, there is not much more American than the iconic Oscar Mayer hotdog on wheels.

People everywhere love seeing the Wienermobile, and contests are held yearly so people can get a chance to drive it themselves.

Unless of course you live in Hawaii. An archaic 1927 law bans all billboards on the Hawaiian islands, and a local organization claims the Wienermobile should be part of that ban. The group, Outdoor Circle, is pushing to keep the hotdog off the island forever.

The Wienermobile visited Hawaii for 3 weeks in July, and as far as Outdoor Circle is concerned, that is going to be its last visit.

According to the people behind the organization, “6 to 12 O’ahu residents complained”. A 2006 law banning all vehicles with the sole purpose of advertising was also cited in the complaint.

The Honolulu mayor welcomed the Wienermobile to his city, and it was honored with an official “Oscar Mayer Wiener Day”. The mayor is now looking into possible violations, but pointed out that no official complaints were received by them.

Sometimes you just wonder whether people are having such a hard time finding better things to do. Complaining about the Wienermobile violating a 1920’s law just seems like a huge waste of time.


Copilot peeing in public cancels JAL flight from Honolulu

Of all the reasons to have your flight canceled, I’m pretty sure this one is high on the “no frikkin way!” list.

The copilot of JAL flight 75 from Honolulu to Narita was arrested by local police for urinating in a park. The copilot had consumed a bottle of wine and 5 bottles of beer, when the urge “to go” was clearly greater than the urge to find an appropriate place to relive himself.

When a police officer saw him, the copilot was arrested and delivered to the police station. He was then detained for two nights before being released after paying a $25 fine.

JAL issued a statement declaring that they “deeply apologize for causing inconvenience to the passengers”.

My main concern is why a copilot is consuming so much alcohol. The only upside is that he was arrested on Tuesday, and his flight was not scheduled to depart till Thursday, leaving him plenty of time to get the alcohol out of his system.

You can see the actual flight status, and its cancellation over at Flightstats.com. The passengers had to be rebooked on other flights. If I were a passenger on this plane, I’d be mighty pissed (pardon the pun). I’ve heard a lot of reasons for a cancellation or delay, but a urinating copilot is a first.

Prison time for man who urinated on fellow passenger

We’ve covered a lot of wacky passengers in the past. Some got drunk and grabbed the backside of the flight attendant, others got drunk and forced the plane to make an emergency landing.

But the story of Jerome Kenneth Kingzio is one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Once again, (too much) alcohol was involved, and when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, we all know that feeling.

But when normal people have to relieve themselves, they use a bathroom, not a fellow passenger.

Honolulu judge Leslie Kobayashi sentenced this Saipan man to 21 days in jail for urinating on a 66 year old woman on his flight.

The poor woman who was urinated on, claims her entire vacation was spoiled, and she still suffers from emotional damage.

All I know is that if someone started urinating on me, he’d better be prepared to pee through a tube for a long, long time.