Ground-level intelligence on the top restaurants in the country

Everybody loves to publish lists, but few have so much data as OpenTable upon which to draw. So, when that site puts out a list of top spots, it’s definitely worth a look. The latest, “Fit for Foodies,” is the result of 3 million restaurant reviews, which ultimately led to 50 restaurants that are definitely worth your time. Upon quick inspection, I haven’t been to any of them (which probably makes the list even more legit — my palate is disappointingly simple).

What’s pleasantly surprising is that there don’t appear to be many clichés. Rather than go with critic favorites, this list runs down what eaters dig, so if you find yourself in one of the 13 states represented, ditch the guidebook and take a stab at what turns the locals on.

Unsurprisingly, California turned in the greatest presence, with 15 of the spots on the list (30 percent of the total). New York came in with nine (18 percent). After that, it gets interesting. Illinois gives us seven restaurants, Massachusetts and Washington (state) three and Louisiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Texas responsible for two. Georgia, South Carolina and Maine each posted one.

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Gadlinks for Wednesday 7.1.09

Welcome to the glorious month of July here at Gadlinks! There’s plenty of great reads out there, so let’s get started:

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Gadlinks for Monday 5.8.09

This Monday brings some wacky travel posts around the web, as well as some practical tips for summer trips.

  • My True Slant friend, Jeff Koyen, offers up a hilarious list of the world’s worst cruises. Believe it or not, a Twilight cruise is set to sail from Seattle to Alaska in August 2010.
  • What is a sexy beach? Thomas Kohnstamm for Forbes Traveler tells us it’s a combination of sea, sand, and skin and offers up his list of the world’s sexiest beaches.
  • Just a few of Hawaii’s beaches made it onto that list of sexy beaches, but one thing on World Hum’s Pam Mendel’s mind is what value a “Made in Hawaii” label really has and what it really means.
  • Summer means seafood, and what better crustacean is there than the Maine lobster? I became a vegetarian one summer when I boiled a live lobster and heard it screaming at me, but if you don’t have a conscience and are driving up the New England coast, try one of Travel + Leisure’s best lobster shacks in Maine.
  • If you are a vegetarian, though, then you’re already a far “greener” traveler. If you want to be even more environmentally conscious as a traveler, read up on BootsNAll’s beginner’s guide to green travel for tips on the growing eco-friendly travel rage.

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