Photo of the Day (9.26.09)

Having just come from the concrete jungle that is New York City, I’ve come to appreciate the urban landscapes that only large cities can offer. When the sky opens up in bright blue above the towering skyscrapers I have to pinch myself at the great modern progress that the world has made in just a century. There’s something really grand and angular about cities that make them perfect inspiration for photographers.

This particular shot that was taken in Toronto caught my eye because of the great symmetry of the buildings and the cloud positioned perfectly in between. The square shadow on the lower left building adds to its angular appeal, don’t you think?

Today’s Photo of the Day comes to us from bgilbert, a Canadian with a great urban eye. If you have some great travel shots you’d like to share, be sure to upload them to the Gadling pool on Flickr. We might just pick one as our Photo of the Day!

Photo of the Day (3-4-09)

This black and white photo by Bryson Gilbert reminds me that the birds will soon be on the move. By April, Ohio is filled with birds coming from the south, many on their way across Lake Erie to Canada–warblers in particular. These geese are in Toronto, Canada waiting for the rest of the ice to melt. There is a certain stillness in their stance as they wait. Yes, spring will happen. Not today, but soon.

One detail about this shot, I find so lovely is the twigs of the branches. Bryson noticed it too. As he wrote, he feels like he was spying. This shot is titled: The Secret Life of Geese.

If you have a shot to share, send it our way at Gadling’s Flickr Photo Pool. It might be picked for a Photo of the Day.