Can’t Find A Hotel For The Olympics? Sleep In A Taxi

Worried about where to stay during the 2012 London Olympics? No problem if you can’t find a hotel, as taxi driver David Weekes has turned his black cab into a comfortable hotel room.

Not only does the “accommodation” come with a foam mattress, duvet, pillow with official Olympic pillow case and bedside lamp, but also a Paddington Bear teddy, solar-powered fridge, a radio and an iPad. For those interested, the taxi hotel is £50 (about $78) a night, and you can visit the Wimdu website to book.

“I’m really excited that the Olympics are coming to the city but it’s going to be a nightmare for cab drives,” says Mr. Weekes. “So when I heard that I could rent out my taxi on Wimdu, I thought it was a no-brainer – after all, who knows London better than a cabbie?”

The only stipulation is guests must be packed up and gone before Mr. Weekes starts his shift in the morning. Moreover, those staying in the taxi can choose if they would like to stay outside of Mr. Weekes’ house in north London, where they would be able to use his bathroom, or somewhere else possible by law.

[image via Wimdu]

Where Are London’s Hipster Neighborhoods?

With the Olympic Games quickly approaching, people are probably curious as to how to navigate the many neighborhoods of the city. To help, Hostelbookers has put together a fun infographic depicting a graph of “London’s Hipster Neighborhoods.”

Whether you’re a hipster of not, the image gives some good information about the city. For example, while Primrose Hill is inhabited by “’90s actors and pop stars,” you’ll find “Russian oil barons and trophy wives” in Hyde Park. You can use the quirky map as a way to decide where you’ll best fit in during your stay in London.

If you’re having trouble viewing the infographic, click here for a larger version.