Las Vegas singer in hot water over abandoned moldy rotting private jet

Vegas superstar Wayne Newton is in a spot of trouble over a $61,000 parking ticket for his private jet. The plane was flown to Oakland County airport in Waterford, MI five years ago, and he doesn’t seem in any kind of rush to pay the fee or remove his plane.

The plane underwent $2 million in extensive renovations at a local facility, and after the work was completed, it was parked at the airport.

The Fokker F-28 may have been renovated on the outside, but because nobody used it for several years, the inside is full of black mold, making the plane virtually unusable.

When a prospective buyer inspected the plane last year, the mold was discovered, and the sale fell through. Apparently the mold is so bad, that the plane will need to be scrapped. Mr. Newton has failed to respond to any requests by the airport, and they may end up being stuck with the $30,000 removal bill.