Celebrate the Windows 7 launch with a 5 inch tall Whopper

Today is “Windows 7 day” – the first day the new Microsoft operating system is available to the general public.

In the US, the launch involved electronics stores opening at midnight so they can sell the new software to eager geeks.

In Japan, they do things a little different. Japanese Burger King restaurants are selling the “Windows 7 Whopper”, which is a regular Whopper, stacked with 7 patties.

The first 30 customers to order one, will get it for ¥777 (or $8.55). After that, it’ll cost just over $17. The price seems a tad insane, but not as insane as the tummy ache you’ll end up with if you manage to pound down one of these monster burgers.

As much as I’m loving Windows 7 (and it really is very, very good), I’m not sure I see myself celebrating its launch through masses of meat.