World’s largest snow globe

The world’s largest snow globe wouldn’t fit in a carry-on bag even if TSA said you could hand carry-it on a plane. This globe hails from Ontario, Canada. This past December it made its appearance in New York City’s Bryant Park. I became obsessed with finding its subsequent appearances. Who wouldn’t? It’s big enough for people to fit inside thus turning its winter scene to life. What a great concept. This globe is marketing genius.

Considering that I merely came across its picture in regards to an event that already passed–and that compelled me to go on a personal hunt, indicates the power of the largest snow globe in the world.

The quest led me to the Web site that highlights Ontario’s winter wonders. This is exactly what the creators imagined. Created as a promotional tool for Ontario Travel, the snow globe is still on its advertising circuit. These are the places and dates where you can find an Ontario Snow Globe event. [via Gothamist]

January 18-20, 2008 – Winterfest in Hamilton
January 26-27, 2008 – Niagara Falls during the Niagara Ice Wine Festival
February 2-4, 2008 – Bon Soo Carnival in Sault Ste. Marie
February 9-10, 2008 – WinterWorld in Mississauga
February 22-24, 2008 – IceFest in Toronto’s Bloor-Yorkville area

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Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Chases Away Winter Blues with Lights

Two nights ago when I was driving home I passed by a house with its outdoor Christmas lights, complete with a huge tree, still decked out in multicolored glory. These beacons of cheer reminded me of The Magnificent Mile in Chicago.

Through March 3, this slice of Chicago is lit up with Light Nights, an almost all winter long happening. Along with the trees being festooned with twinkling lights on Michigan Avenue, every Saturday at 6:30 pm there are fireworks and special events at Pioneer Court.

The idea is to chase away the winter blues and entice people to come out into the cold in order to later escape the cold in one of the restaurants and shopping areas. Clever idea. It works for me. Each Saturday has a little different flavor to satisfy a broad range of interests and ages. There is a grand finale planned for March 3. I just hope on March 4th after Light Nights is over a massive depression doesn’t hit the windy city, particularly since I may be heading there the following weekend.

Newport Winter Festival: a reason to leave home

Maybe winter seems like a time to bundle up and stay inside, but here is an event that might get you to think again. The Newport Winter Festival in Newport, Rhode Island has 150 offerings over a 10-day spread. From Friday, February 16 to Sunday, February 26, it looks like the whole town is involved. There are mansion museum tours, tours of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, dances, scavenger hunts, plays, ice-carving demonstrations, restaurant deals etc., etc. If you can think of it, the festival has it.

This is the Newport’s 19th Winter Festival with a lot of press attached. That spells organized. You can check on the website for specific events that only happen at specific times like the 12th Annual J.P. Serpa Chili Cook-Off (Feb.17) and the Karaoke Idol Off the Curb (Feb. 24). Most events are on-going, meaning they either happen throughout the day or at least once a day. With a festival button you can get into some venues free or for a reduced admission. Special event tickets can be purchased on-line.