Stow your wireless mouse in a toddler-size sock – Packing tip

If you’re traveling with your laptop and bringing a wireless mouse with you, stick it inside one of your toddler’s outgrown socks.

A toddler’s sock is the perfect size to cushion this delicate hardware. Plus, it’s a great way to recycle clothing you’d normally toss in the garbage or use for a rag.

Also: it’s cute.

[Photo: Flickr | FHKE]

Daily deal – Targus notebook accessories kit for $9.99

My daily deal for today is for the Targus Mobile Essentials notebook accessories kit.

Included in the kit is a wireless optical mouse, a pocket USB 2.0 hub, a USB numeric keypad and 2 different pocket surge protectors (a must have in my opinion).

The kit usually retails for around $40, but has it on sale for just $9.99. As with all Fry’s items; you can place an order to be shipped to you, or you can save the $6 shipping and order online for pick up at your local Fry’s store.

The kit contains all the parts you need to work more efficiently on your laptop when you are traveling, and the pocket sized components mean you won’t be adding too much bulk to your luggage. If you plan to use your laptop anywhere with sketchy electricity, then the surge protectors could be a real lifesaver as they’ll help protect your cherished laptop from all kinds of nastiness.