Dubai adds another “world’s tallest” with the 1092 feet tall Rose Rayhaan hotel

Dubai was apparently not content with holding the title for “tallest building in the world“, so they added the tallest hotel in the world.

The 1092 foot tall Rose Rayhaan hotel features 480 rooms and suites, including several penthouses with a full kitchen.

Regular rooms are located on the 9th through the 51st floor, but for the best view, you’ll want to reserve a suite, which will put you on the 54th through the 60th floor. Rooms at the hotel start around $130, up to $575 for a classic suite.

The hotel is owned by Rotana, who operate 67 hotels in the Middle East. The chain started just 17 years ago, and has grown to be one of the largest hotel operators in the region. All properties in the chain are “dry”, which means you won’t find alcohol anywhere on the premises. The Rose Rayhaan is their 13th hotel in Dubai.

Of course, Dubai is the perfect location for a record breaking hotel. That said – there are several properties in the world with rooms at a higher level, but they are not in buildings completely devoted to the hotel.