Nat Geo Photographer recounts hilarious tale searching for the world’s most poisonous frog

In this video, National Geographic photographer Mark Moffett retells his hilarious expedition through the rain-forest of Colombia searching for the world’s most poisonous frog. It is a candid glimpse into all of the strange travel details that go into getting a shot for National Geographic.

First, he is set up with an assistant who moonlights as a male stripper in Miami, and the Hunter Thompson-esque tale gets all the stranger from there. They get drunk on an indigenous homebrew mixture of fermented coconut milk and human spit in Guapi. They get exiled from a village for arriving with a sack full of poisonous frogs. They have a hilariously unfortunate travel experience, and that makes for a great story. In the end, Mark comes face to face with the yellow “superfrog” and gets his photographs, without getting poisoned.

The frog is allegedly so poisonous that one specimen could kill 500 people. Normally, tribes must cook poisonous frogs to effectively coat their poison arrows and blow darts. With this frog, one only needs to rub the arrow’s tip on the frog’s back and the poison lasts for an entire year.