xkcd solves the problem of anxiety at the airport whole body imager line

Not much more I can add to this comic – if you are worried about what you’ll be showing the operator at the airport whole body imager, xkcd has the solution. I’m not sure it’ll be worth $20, but it sure would make for a more entertaining security line.

Of course, you could always save some money and go with the Flying Pasties (do not click if you can’t stand the image of a grown man in pink ladies underwear.)

Source: xkcd.com

If only it were that easy

Many people who write into the Plane Answers column have questions about what it takes to become a pilot. Little did they know, the answer lies in the genius of the online comic XKCD. Perhaps this is how the venerable Kent Wien reached the pointy end of the plane.

[Via XKCD]