Ready to fly into Vancouver for the Games? YVR is waiting.

Our friend and colleague over at Stuck at the Airport, Harriet Baskas, has been following developments at Vancouver’s international airport (YVR) as the Olympics draw preciously near. Anticipating a massive crowd, the normally serene, Pacific Northwest city is neck-deep in preparations, particularly at bottleneck junctions such as borders and airports.

To help soothe the massive flow, YVR is taking a proactive approach to managing traffic on the days of and after the games. Particularly on outbound flights the day after closing ceremonies, the airport suggests arriving for flights 4 hours prior to departure, with the check-in process complete after 3.

As Ms. Baskas points out, they’ve even gone so far as to ask hotels to allow unilateral late checkout and to post the adjacent placard onto every door, advising travelers on the best departure and airport strategy.

It’s good forward thinking by an airport that’s sure to see record traffic over the next few weeks. Hopefully passengers and security move smoothly in kind.

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