Flickr’s New York: A tale of two cities

Tourists photograph Midtown and Lower Manhattan, while locals click their cameras in the East Village and Chinatown. So, it’s clear: tourists and locals don’t mix in New York.

Eric Fischer, a computer program, used geotagging data from Flickr and Picasa to plot maps of New York and 71 other cities, using a system he created for determining which shutterbugs are locals and which are from out of town.

Using this system, we can divine the following:

  • Tourists shoot Yankee games, while there are more locals snapping away when the Mets are playing at home
  • Locals prefer the Manhattan Bridge, and tourists flock to the Brooklyn Bridge … yet Brooklyn itself is packed with local photogs
  • Nobody goes to the Upper West Side (unless he or she lives there)
  • Governors Island is about as tourist-free a place as you’ll find in New York

The Summer Redneck Games: A Hootin’ Good Time!

Starting today, Gadling is taking a look at our favorite festivals around the world. From music festivals to cultural showcases to the just plain bizarre, we hope to inspire you to do some festival exploring of your own. Come back each week for our picks or find them all HERE.

Each July, nearly 100,000 visitors descend on East Dublin, Georgia to participate in a one-of-a-kind event known as the Summer Redneck Games. This unique festival is a celebration of “all things Redneck” including special feats of athleticism, a variety of culinary treats and plenty of fun.

The story of the Redneck Games begins in 1996 before the Atlanta Olympics. After outsiders began making fun of “Rednecks” who were hosting the games, a group of volunteers decided to do something about it. Enterprising locals took critics’ remarks as a challenge, organizing their very own “Redneck Games” and agreed to donate the proceeds from the event to charity. In its inaugural year, more than 5,000 visitors showed up. The organizers knew they were on to something. Over the last decade, the Redneck Games have continued to grow, with participation reaching 95,000 rednecks during the annual one-day July extravaganza.

Much like the Olympic games, the Redneck Games hosts a number of challenging athletic events, but with a uniquely Redneck twist. Favorite contests include the Hubcap Hurl, the Bobbin’ for Pigs Feet Fest, Mud Wrestling, and a special contest called Redneck Horseshoes, which uses toilet seats in place of the standard iron game pieces. There’s also plenty of authentic Redneck foods for hungry spectators, including Corn Dogs, Alligator Kebabs and Elephant Ears. You’re also sure hear authentic Redneck slang like “y’all,” “fixin’ to,” “do what?,” and the all-time favorite (as coined by Redneck favorite, Larry the Cable Guy), “Git R’ Done!”

Though the Redneck Games would seem to be a decidedly local affair, it has slowly attracted fans from across the U.S. and around the world. As the event has become more popular, a steady stream of participants from “above the Mason-Dixon line” has joined in the fun, with events taking place as far away as Canada and a range of international media coverage.

There’s many misconceptions about the Games – critics decry the Redneck Games as nothing more than horseplay and drinking beer. But much like the comments the led to the event’s creation, event organizers and supporters have taken the remarks in stride. To its fans, the Redneck Games remain nothing but a silly, great time. Despite the increase in attendance and popularity, it remains much the same pure fun that it has always been.

Want to join in the craziness? Head down to Georgia this July 10th to check it out. Everyone is welcome – even Yankees…

Exclusive photos of the new Yankee Stadium

This Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to receive a private tour of the new Yankee Stadium which opened up April 16th. For your perusal, I took about 5 million photos. Here is a small percentage of them — and this is the only place you’ll find them.

Tommy Bahama Rum has a whole bar set up near Gate Six of the new Yankee Stadium (shown), which is the gate right at the subway station, where you can meet up with your friends before the game — or during, till the 7th inning of course. The cocktails are delicious. Tommy Bahama Rum, which was just released in 2007 and is gaining momentum, is made by Sidney Frank — the same folks who brought you Grey Goose and Jagermeister. They have “White Sand” (clear) and “Golden Sun” (amber-colored) versions so far, and a spiced rum is in the works. Do I recommend it? Oh yes I do.

I spoke briefly with Terry Pillow, the CEO of Tommy Bahama. “We were contacted with the opportunity by Yankee Stadium, who said that they wished to have a martini bar, and they were aware that we run bars and restaurants around the country. When the Yankees call, whether you’re interested or not, you definitely take the call,” he said. “It wasn’t a very difficult decision.” Is he a Yankees fan? You won’t hear that from us — his wife supports the Red Sox!

If you want a tour of the new Yankee Stadium, Zales will be running them starting May 4th. The tours of the new Yankee Stadium will be $20 a pop ($15 children and seniors) and they include the New York Yankees Museum, Monument Park and the dugout in about 45 minutes to an hour. Now take a layman’s virtual tour through our exclusive photos!