Video of the Day: Zombie Walk in Columbus, Ohio

People like to argue over the best time to visit places. You’ll hear plenty of people recommend Paris in the spring, wax poetic on the Alaskan winter and suggest New England in autumn. For our money, however, it’s all about Columbus, Ohio during the zombie apocalypse. Columbus hosted it’s seemingly annual Zombie Walk this past weekend. It’s hard to tell what’s happening in this video, but it looks like faux military personnel are fighting against some zombies with pretty impressive makeup. Not exactly your typical tourist attraction but a pretty amusing activity nonetheless.

So, the next time someone asks you about the best time to visit central Ohio, let them know that mid-May is the time to go. Go for the temperate spring weather, stay for the end of mankind.

Zombies with passports: The Walking Dead goes worldwide

In order to promote the new show The Walking Dead on AMC, swarms of zombies invaded 26 cities worldwide (including my city of Istanbul, pictured above and filmed here) earlier this week, lurching around major tourist landmarks and generally freaking out passerby. The undead began their sightseeing in Taipei and Hong Kong, then hit European capitols including London, Rome, and Athens. More arose in Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, and Johannesburg, before going after American brains coast to coast from New York to the show’s premiere in Los Angeles. Check out more photos and video on the show’s blog and Facebook page.

Zombies would make ideal travelers: they can walk through airport security slowly and with no complaints, pack lightly, and don’t need to be fed or entertained on planes. If you can evade the attempts to gnaw on your flesh, they’d make better seatmates than a screaming baby or an armrest hoarder on a long flight. When there’s no more room in coach, we will all walk the earth.

See any zombies on your commutes or travels this week? Leave a comment below if you escaped unbitten. Want more Halloween dead-eyed fun? Our favorite British bear does his take on the zombie genre with Dawn of the Ted.

[Photo Courtesy of Fox International Channels]

Tourists routinely assault Taiwanese zombies

What would you do if you were face-to-face with the undead? Well, if you’re smart, you won’t show any fear. That’s what several visitors to a Taiwanese theme park have been doing recently. Actors dressed as various creatures have been knocked around by tourists who are choosing not to let fear ruin their vacations.

Well, it’s having an effect on morale, unsurprisingly. Some of the employees at Janfusun Amusement Park’s “Horrorwood” have been given leaves of absence or transfers, according to a company spokesperson.

Of course, it doesn’t help that some of the assailants aren’t very bright. Sure, some get a bit scared and lash out. That’s not too bizarre. But, one guest said he wanted to find out if the “ghost” in front of him was real.

The worst, however, happened to a male staffer who was hit “in the private parts with an umbrella.” Okay, I’d want a transfer, too.

[photo by Ateo Fiel via Flickr]

Zombies invade Texas town

Hackers delivered a warning to played a prank on Austin, TX commuters this morning, according to local television station KXAN. Near the intersection of Lamar Blvd. and Martin Luther King Blvd., an electronic traffic sign cautioned: “ZOMBIES IN AREA! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”

To make matters worse, they are NAZI zombies, as you’ll see from the video below.

Local motorists appear to have taken it in the intended spirit. Jane Shin, a University of Texas sophomore, “thought it was pretty funny.” But, the authorities did not share her sense of humor. Sarah Hartley, spokesperson for the city, called the hack “really serious” and reminded us all that “it is a crime.” Breaking a padlock and bypassing the password to an electronic street sign is a class C misdemeanor in Texas.

And, I understand why. When zombies really are in the area, we need to be able to take the NAZI zombie threat seriously.

[Thanks, Christine. Photo by Wyscan, licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.]