Microsoft Zune becomes exclusive audio provider for United Airlines In-Flight Entertainment

In a smart marketing move, Microsoft’s Zune service has become the exclusive audio provider for United Airlines In-Flight Entertainment. Of course, this does not mean all passengers will be handed a Zune, the collaboration merely means the music experts behind Zune put together the music on all United Airlines domestic and international flights.

The 21 channels of digital programming include selections like classic rock, electronic dance, piano jazz and opera. Of course, United will still be in charge of their awesome channel 9 cockpit audio channel.

As a fan of Zune, I’ve always been impressed with their features, and taking their musical skills to the skies seems like a very smart step.

Microsoft Zune HD available today

Our friends over at Engadget got their hands all over the new Microsoft Zune HD. For those that haven’t been paying attention to the latest media player to come out Redmond, the Zune HD features a large OLED touch screen, along with a built in FM/HD radio, HD video output and 33 hours of music playback off a single battery charge. Like the original Zune lineup, the Zune HD also includes WiFi and support for Zune Pass, their $15/month all-you-can-eat music service.

Later this year, the Zune HD will become even better, with the addition of 3D games (powered by its impressive Nvidia Tegra processor) and it’ll gain support for Twitter and Facebook.

The Zune HD is available in 16GB ($219.99) and 32GB ($289.99). The Zune HD dock pack includes all the cables you need, a dock, a remote and an AC adapter, and retails for $89.99. The new Zune HD is available today from your local electronics superstore of favorite online retailer.