Exploring the Ozarks – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Jesus Christ of the Ozarks
Making the time to write this piece on Eureka Springs has been no easy task. I’ve been trying to get it off my plate since June 6th – a few days after hanging around the Arkansas town located in the Ozarks, but never got a chance until now. Tanya, one of the walkers on the tour, had proclaimed herself the Ambassador of Fun for the day and I decided to roll with a few others in the group to get in on all this fun. Unusual considering I often enjoyed spending my spare time alone and away from the other walkers, but she promised Eureka Springs to be something of an exciting adventure. I couldn’t pass it up. I needed to see it with my own two.

The ride up to the mountain area was curvy and a bit narrow for my comfort zone. We were high up there and going higher. Once things leveled out a little I opened my eyes and found a cute town before me. Streets lined with shops and summertime local tourists picking up trinkets wandered around. We parked next to the trolley station and got tickets for the next ride further up into this jewel in the Ozarks.

From the trolley ride I could tell one day was not going to be enough time to see everything the town was made of, but I gathered these observations. If you’re wanting to escape somewhere amazing and away from the rest of the world in the U.S. Arkansas and the Ozarks is the place to go. Hidden from practically everything you can check in to a cozy B&B like 5ojo Inn located at 5 Ojo Street or the famous Crescent Hotel & Spa. Expect to feel both pampered and at home. Cabins and cottages are also available for those who want to be closer to outdoor recreational activities like fishing (they have one of the biggest trout populations around). To plan your escape I suggest checking out the Eureka Springs website for further detail on bookings, rates, and attractions.

As far as my day went it was fun, relaxing and the highlight for me was seeing the Christ of the Ozarks Statue (above) where they also host the Great Passion Play. Don’t ask me why I got geeked up by this statue. Oh, and Tanya is not available as an Ambassador of Fun, you’ll need to find one of your own.