Burning Man Time Almost Here

Burning ManNeil’s Burning Man POTD pick a few days back inspired me. Not to go, but to point Burning Man fanatics (if any) to this Miami Herald piece. I’ve wanted to attend the bizarre art show and hippie fest in the past, but I’m a little more reserved these days. Not talking about drugs either. I’m just not in the mood for thousands of topless women kicking up desert dust in bicycle parades, because you really must be in the mood for those types of shenanigans. It’s just a weird place, psychedelic and way far out.

Burning Man is an annual festival taking place in Black Rock City in the desert right outside of Reno, NV. Burners will pay an entrance fee of $185 to $280 and spend a week intoxicated or high off of life until the week end where they will dance and do whatever pleases them in the night as a 40 ft. wooden man is scorched in flames to the ground. A friend of mine went last year and had an incredible time, but like I said you certainly have to be in the mood and know what you’re getting into. If you’ve never been before and something I’ve mentioned here managed to strike a nerve you may wish to further explore this short read.

Makes me think of Ring around the Rosie… “Ashes, ashes they all fall down.”