TSA to Allow Ads at Security Checkpoints

I get chills down my spine whenever I hear the Transportation Security Administration is planning something. Usually, they take things away from travelers like bottled water, shoe insoles, or — I don’t know — dignity. Thankfully, I think we’ll be OK this time.

The TSA has plans to launch a year-long partnership with various companies to add advertising to the security checkpoint area in airports. Companies that join the program will purchase checkpoint tables, bins, and trays for the TSA in exchange for ad space inside the bins.

I suppose this scheme will work out for the government agency and the vendors, but where does that leave the everyday jet-setter? I don’t really mind it since the adverts will be out of the way, but I’d rather the money go to hiring security screeners who are a little less surly.

On a somewhat related note: here’s one person’s humorous idea of how advertising would look aboard an airplane.

(via AdJab)