You Too Can Be On Broadway!

Earlier this week I wrote about Broadway’s surprising focus on plays for the upcoming season — but there’s one musical that is a must-see for every tourist with stars in their eyes.

For $31.50 you can buy a ticket at the new rock musical, Spring Awakening, that puts you in the middle of the action — on stage with the performers.

According to Jo Piazza of the New York Daily News, who recently experienced the production for himself, “Members of the cast sit in chairs right next to you and during the show, they stomp and sing inches away from your face. It’s enough to make even the most karaoke-impaired person want to reach over, grab a microphone and wail on one of the songs by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater.”

Tempting as it may be, disrupting the show with your own impromptu performance is strongly, strongly discouraged — both before the performance, and again at intermission. In fact, just to further minimize interruptions, the theatre makes you remove all personal belongings (coats, hats, phones, purses) and keep them in a locker for the duration of the show.

That being said, it’s sure to be a memorable experience for anyone drawn to the stage. Make sure to book your tickets well in advance though — as, with only 26 seats available, they can be fairly tough to come by.