Take A Seat And Help Me Pedal…Please!

Gill and 84-yer-old ManuelDominic Gill is attempting to cycle 20,000 miles from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in South America. Lots of people (well, not lots, but some) make this trip; what’s so special about Gill? He’s tackling this journey on a tandem bike — and he’s asking the people he meets along the way to help pedal! What a fun idea.

Claiming one of the most interesting aspects of cycle touring is meeting folks along the way, Gill was concerned that such meetings would be limited to stopping-off points. Therefore, by riding a tandem bike solo, he figured there’d be a good chance he’d meet people willing to pedal. So far, over half his trip has been solo. As he heads into South America, I bet his chances of recruiting fellow passengers diminishes — unless he speaks globish.

Naturally, Gill is filming, photographing, and blogging (irregularly) his journey. He also recently gave a short but interesting interview to Vagablogging. If you’re interested in pedaling with him, send him an email. He’s looking for some extra legs.