Go to Antigua with Curtain Bluff’s “Power of 10” package

I know we’re still sweating the summer, and January seems like a lifetime away. But, think back seven or eight months. Remember how cold it was. It’s hard to make the connection, but it really was that cold out, and you lived it. It’s going to happen again before you know it. So, now is probably the time to book a retreat from the crushing cold. Curtain Bluff‘s new package, “The Power of 10,” is designed to make your start to 2010 memorable … as if relief from frigid temperatures with the warmth of Antigua weren’t enough.

From January 1, 2010 to March 31, 2010, you’re stay at the all-inclusive Curtain Bluff resort will be enhanced with a sunset sail on Curtain Bluff’s yacht, cooking classes with Chef Christophe Blatz and a series of “seconds”: a second spa treatment, a second tennis lesson and a second personal training session. And, this comes in addition to all the usuals: fishing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving and just relaxing by the beach.

“2009 was a tough year for many in different ways,” says Rob Sherman, managing director of Curtain Bluff. “We at Curtain Bluff want to offer something extra special and fun to start 2010 off right,” he continues; “now in addition to experiencing some of our top activities already included with their stay, guests can also splurge on spa treatments and private lessons and classes at minimal cost.”

Curtain Bluff really does redefine relaxation: the place actually got me to chill for a while. This package is definitely worth a look.

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