Three all-inclusive vacation packages for summer

The best part of all-inclusive trips is that the thinking is taken out of the equation. Want a second drink? Hell, a second entrée? Go for it! There’s no reason not to … because the bill is already paid. I had my first brush with the all-inclusive concept last summer, and I’m sold on it, especially since I get impatient while waiting for the bill (when the meal’s over, I just want to get on with my life). So, I was pretty excited to see a handful of all-inclusive deals come across my desk or this summer.

So, take a look below at what’s coming at Vail Resorts, Curtain Bluff and Grand Teton National Park in the next few months. You’ll probably find a vacation idea to turn you on and make the coming warmth even better!

1. Vail Resorts Epic Summer Package
Head out to Colorado for this family-oriented package. Everything is covered, from airport pickup to drop-off, with plenty of activities to keep you and the kids busy. You’ll also have access to a guide who can show you the best rivers to raft, trails to hike and so on. At $249 a day for adults, you’ll pick up a savings of more than 38 percent … and you won’t have to cobble together the itinerary yourself.

2. Grand Adventure Package
If you prefer peace and quiet – not to mention being enveloped by nature – check out Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The Grand Adventure Package includes accommodations at Jackson Lake Lodge, a rafting trip on the Snake River and hiking through Grand Teton National Park. You’ll also receive all meals and even more activities, depending on how long your stay is. A four-night package starts at $1,902 for two adults and two kids, with seven nights starting at $3,806.

3. Curtain Bluff in Antigua
Curtain Bluff is an all-inclusive resort, but the deal for the summer can be found in the rate. For a mere $322.50 a night (and up), you can go deep-sea fishing, reef snorkeling or SCUBA diving, among other activities. I’m a big fan of the spa – and the restaurant, skippered by an Alain Ducasse-trained chef.


Take a swing at Antigua Tennis Week

For the fourth year in a row, Curtain Bluff will be home to Antigua Tennis Week. For seven days, you can enjoy a tennis-filled getaway at this fantastic all-inclusive resort. The package includes stroke and strategy clinics with the pros, free court time on Curtain Bluff’s four courts (including balls and rackets) and the chance to participate in Pro-Am tournaments, exhibitions and lessons. Aside from tennis, you’ll also get to enjoy the resort’s other amenities, SCUBA diving, deep sea fishing and reef snorkeling. Of course, meals and drinks are included. Rates start at $745 a night for a deluxe room with an ocean view.

If you like to spend time on the court or have a second serve to be feared, this is a great chance to play some tennis in a location that just can’t be beat.

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Only a few weeks left on Curtain Bluff Power of ’10 package

There’s only a month left on Curtain Bluff’s “Power of ’10” deal, and if you’re feeling worn down by the fierce winter cold, here’s your chance to win some relief. So, stay at this Antigua resort in the next few weeks, and you’ll be able to add some interesting activities to the SCUBA diving, dep-sea fishing and reef snorkeling that are already available. You’ll be able to take a cooking class with Chef Christophe Blatz, pick up a second spa treatment (of equal or lesse value), add an extra personal training session or enjoy a second tennis lesson.

These perks come at the rich cost of $10, as long as you pick them up by the end of March. The all-inclusive resort starts at $995 a night. I know there isn’t much time, but if you need to get away, this is an excellent way to do it.


Daily Pampering: The Curtain Bluff Babymoon

Pregnancy is already challenging enough, especially if you’re a first-timer. Moms- and dads-to-be alike need a break from the doctor’s appointments, planning and anxiety that come with bringing a new life into the world. So, when you measure the future in centimeters (you’ll get it if you’re expecting) instead of miles, it’s hard to imagine getting on a plane, regardless of how attractive the destination is.

Before pampering takes on a new meaning – and it will – book a babymoon to Curtain Bluff. The resort, located in Antigua, takes all the thinking out of your vacation, thanks to the all-inclusive pricing. Reserve your stay and your flight, and then just show up. Sleep comfortably in your junior suite (while sleeping is still an option), and have dinner on your balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Sprawl out in the sand, get on a boat or take a swim. Enjoy the last days of pre-parental life with each other.

The spa at Curtain Bluff has prenatal treatments, so be sure to book at least one trip to this den of luxury while you’re in Antigua. The massages are unbeatable, and the skilled professionals know how to navigate both male and female bodies, pregnant and otherwise.


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Go to Antigua with Curtain Bluff’s “Power of 10” package

I know we’re still sweating the summer, and January seems like a lifetime away. But, think back seven or eight months. Remember how cold it was. It’s hard to make the connection, but it really was that cold out, and you lived it. It’s going to happen again before you know it. So, now is probably the time to book a retreat from the crushing cold. Curtain Bluff‘s new package, “The Power of 10,” is designed to make your start to 2010 memorable … as if relief from frigid temperatures with the warmth of Antigua weren’t enough.

From January 1, 2010 to March 31, 2010, you’re stay at the all-inclusive Curtain Bluff resort will be enhanced with a sunset sail on Curtain Bluff’s yacht, cooking classes with Chef Christophe Blatz and a series of “seconds”: a second spa treatment, a second tennis lesson and a second personal training session. And, this comes in addition to all the usuals: fishing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving and just relaxing by the beach.

“2009 was a tough year for many in different ways,” says Rob Sherman, managing director of Curtain Bluff. “We at Curtain Bluff want to offer something extra special and fun to start 2010 off right,” he continues; “now in addition to experiencing some of our top activities already included with their stay, guests can also splurge on spa treatments and private lessons and classes at minimal cost.”

Curtain Bluff really does redefine relaxation: the place actually got me to chill for a while. This package is definitely worth a look.

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