Goin’ straight to the Wild, Wild West

Scenery to soothe the soulCertain kinds of scenery soothe the soul, and for some, whether they’re a cowboy or cowgirl at heart, or they just like to ride horses, or they long for that wide-open imagery so unique to America, watching old westerns over and over again doesn’t really scratch the itch.

One company that specializes in touring cowboy-worthy destinations is Wild West Vacations & Travel. They lead tours through Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming, and offer recreational and educational activities like trail rides, cookouts, gold panning, museums, state and national park tours and even candlelight caving.

They have four specific combo tours, specified as “get-aways” or “family vacations” (so couples looking for a rustic romantic western excursion don’t have to worry about screaming kids getting up in their business), which range from $2,895 to $3,575 and include 8-10 nights of well-chosen accommodations and a smattering of the exciting activities above, plus a bunch more.

For those of you who are more “choose your own adventure,” they can also arrange stays and amenities for you in South Dakota’s Black Hills, Montana’s glacier region, or Wyoming for Yellowstone or a Deluxe Dinosaur Dig Getaway.

Visit the website for more information.