New York parks get free wifi and plenty of strings attached

If you thought cable companies Time Warner and Cablevision had any goodwill in their corporate veins, give up. The two companies are sinking a modest $10 million into wifi networks for 32 New York City parks. In exchange, they get a decade-long renewal on their cable market access to the city. So, $10 million in trade for more than 8 million people, some of whom are just dying to sink money into their television habits … not a bad deal, right? That’s just over a dollar a person!

Try again.

Since these two companies can’t be seen as caring about the community, they’re only willing to pony up three 10-minute sessions per person per month for park wifi access, with any extra use costing $0.99 a day. The users, rather than the cable companies, pay the proverbial dollar.

Or, you could just head over to one of the streets that surrounds the park and try to nab an unsecured connection from one of the residences.

[photo by Tony the Misfit via Flickr]