How pro athletes travel: Chick-fil-A sandwiches and 60 inches of legroom

athletes travel

Once you make it big in the world of pro-sports, traveling suddenly becomes a much more enjoyable experience. While most of the world stuffs itself into tiny seats hoping for a bag of pretzels, the world of chartered sports flights means a whole different level of luxury.

In the US, one of the largest operators of private sports charters is actually an airline you and I have probably flown in the past year – Delta Air Lines.

Delta flies a fleet of eight Airbus A319s in VIP configuration, capable of seating 54 passengers. Seats have 60 inches of legroom, can swivel and some rows feature private card tables.

The crew members on these planes have cheat sheats telling them the preferences of their athlete passengers – from their favorite snacks to what kind of soda they prefer. In addition to this, they’ll even provide special treats like Dove Ice Cream bars and Chick-fil-A sandwiches. Even the top tier elite members on commerical flights don’t get that kind of treatment.

Then again – with flights costing up to $1.3 million, you really should expect a certain level of luxury. The total bill for a sports team is up to $3 million a season, and most of that goes to Delta Air Lines.

[Photo: Bloomberg]