Follow the Blogger

Follow Andy the Hobo Blogger as he makes his way down to Marrakech from Spain. The guy has been all over. His posts go pretty far back and it looks like he’s been everywhere from Germany to Iraq to Nepal to Bangladesh. No kidding. There’s some pictures scattered here and there too, giving some nice visual flavor to the posts.

I’ve been trying to figure out how he pays for all this amazing travel, not to mention how he manages to find internet connections in all these place. I know, I know, Internet cafes are everywhere. Still, follow the guy’s path and you’ll be amazed how often he manages to post. He’s a pretty good writer, insightful in a simple way, and manages to capture the essence of a place nicely without to much “I’m just a dumb foreigner” attitude. You also can’t help but be a little jealous reading him. Here he is riffing on life in Goa, India:

The routine of life has begun, and I can walk the beach in the morning, and watch the sunset. Life is simple. This is how I like to live. A pair of short, a couple of dollars worth of the local currency in my pocket and a lot of people doing nothing but have conversations.

Ah, yes, if only life could always be so easy. Keep on rockin Andy.