Michael Fay’s “Megatransect” across Central Africa

Between 1999 and 2001, noted biologist Michael Fay led a team across 2,000 miles of not
always so friendly terrain in Central Africa. Fay hiked the total distance over a 15 month period, taking note of life
in the relatively undisturbed Congo River Basin and wondering how it might change as humans slowly encroach upon

Fay’s trek, dutifully recorded by himself with digital cameras and a lightweight computer system, is archived on
National Geographic’s website. It is a telling tale of a man and nature in a place Fay thinks “may well be the most
beautiful place on Earth.”

More of an overview of Fay’s “megatransect” can be found
here, while the link below leads to
Fay’s expedition notes and photos. Best to put your feet up on this one as you’re going to get sucked in.