Is Your Camouflage Cell Phone Quacking?

It’s early morning and you’re sitting in your camouflage jacket waiting for the ducks to
cross the marsh. Suddenly, you hear mallards quacking. Raising your gun you take aim…and realize it’s your cell
phone ringing.

Southern LINC, the wireless communications division of Southeast power giant Southern Company, began
sales Tuesday of the limited Outfitters Edition Motorola i720 phone. It looks to be geared towards “outdoor
enthusiasts” (fancy term for hunters).

Features of this hunter green camouflage style flip phone include the usual color screen and Java based applications
to manage your calls. From here, all the features turn, shall we say, interesting.
Eight outdoor themed ring tones, including turkey cluck, elk bugle
and mallard
, Weather Scout application for real time weather, fish and game forecasts and the Way-to-Go Navigator
application with GPS, waypoints and audible directions so you never get lost in the swamp.

I would write something funny here, but the fact this is a green camouflage painted cell phone geared towards
hunters pretty much speaks for itself…