A California Man, His Bike and Lots of Figs

Alastair Bland found himself with wanderlust this past summer and set out to
explore California on his bicycle. The kicker to the story he published in the
North Bay Bohemian was that he survived mainly off of what he
could find or forage. In his two months of travel which took him on a 2,500 mile trek through the Golden State, he
spent less than $150. His food of choice? Figs, figs and more figs. He strung them out to dry, flavored his homemade
wine with them and made a meal of it every night. He even managed to get a couple of free t-shirts from the California
Fig Growers Association.

Besides figs, Bland also ate whatever he could find which he considered in the public domain (i.e. lying on the side
of, or in, the road). Being mostly vegetarian, he stayed away from the road kill.