Seychelles Gets the Outside Magazine Thumbs Up

If snowboarding really isn’t your thing this time of year, how about a trip
to a remote, tropical location instead? No, I’m not talking about the Caribbean. I’m actually referring to the
Seychelles, which Outside
magazine highlighted in their December issue. Describing the island chain scattered across the Indian Ocean as “a
21st-century refinement of the Robinson Crusoe fantasy”, Outside goes into three pages of wonderful details about a
location so isolated that unless you happen to spot a cruise ship on the far horizon, you are utterly alone. Their
conclusion: a perfect time and place to just chill and do things like lay out or scuba dive.

Getting there and staying apparently isn’t easy or cheap though, as no direct flights exist from the United States
and most hotels are in the four and five star ranges (including the place the writer of the article stayed at – ahh,
expense accounts).