What Big, Sharp Teeth You Have Mr. Great White

Jaws. The mere name strikes fear of being fish food for some. Not if you are in Isla
Guadalupe though. If you’ve ventured to that part of Mexico, you’re most likely there to partake in an
Absolute Adventures Great White Shark Dive expedition. With
five day trips built for both the luxury and
budget travelers, the main focus here is getting you
as close as possible to one of man’s most love/hate relationship related creatues. Divers are put inside state of the
art cages which are 50 square feet and feature, among other things, external observation hatches to get a more up close
and personal feel.

One suggestion for those going on a trip like this: remember not to stick your hand out of the cage while holding a
bloody piece of meat. Great whites, unlike your pet poodle which will gently eat from your hand, tend to get a little
more crazy when it comes to feeding time.